As of this Monday evening, I will go on a digital fast. My laptop will be shut off and stored, my phone will lock all but the calling, camera and music apps. I will be offline until further notice. In case of emergency, I can still receive regular phone calls and Facetime calls.

I have come to this decision because I have a need to be more present, and I find that the distractions of Netflix, news sources and chat apps are strong in their temptation. So I want to concentrate my attention on what is here and now, meditate more, read more, and not surrender to the sweet escape of my glass-surfaced portals. Even, or especially, in a time when feelings of loneliness beset me.

I noticed when devouring the chocolate and other sweets my dear mum had sent me that none of them satisfied. The enjoyment lasted as long as the first chew. Even before swallowing one bite, I already craved the next. Even after a whole tablet of caramel sea-salt chocolate, I did not feel fulfilled. Since Saturday it’s all been gone and I can honestly say I don’t have any desire for sweet snacks anymore. Have I finally kicked the sugar habit, then? That would be wonderful.

Hopefully I can kick the screen habit, too. And then enjoy a small taste of it, occasionally. In order to do so, I look forward to a period of cold-turkeying it: disentangle man and machine. Reduce the devices to modcons, not life necessities. Something like that. It’s an experiment—I appreciate your support.

To quote that other famous cyborg:

I’ll be back.

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