Taoalogues Episode 3

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Now online: Episode 3, ‘Returning to the root’.

Master Gu and I talk about the Dao De Jing‘s notion of returning to the origin: the root. Tranquil, soft, and simple: how not to lose yourself. The Uncarved Block, 朴:what’s that? Back to baby! Ancient but surprisingly timeless pointers for living long and living well.

Now available Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

And of course on its own Anchor page. Also, for your convenience, embedded below, with full transcript. 🙂

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Enjoy the show!


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    Rosa Rosae Rosam

    Question (just to make it harder for you two 🙂 …): how about a trascript of the episodes each time it gets published? It would be useful to many, I’m sure. A sort of Taoalogue’s written diary? And, perhaps, one day it can be published and could generate revenues? (It’s my job, that’s why I’m suggesting it 🙂 ).

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    Mooie bijdrage, Eli

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