A Tram Evolves

Dear all, my apologies for flooding your inboxes with messages that undoubtedly first sparked joy and amazement in your hearts-and-minds and then filled them with sighs of disappointment on noticing that these alerts about new posts in fact involved…old posts. A kind of wind egg, or at least an egg containing a none-too-fresh yolk…

It is a technical glitch for which I, again, apologize. The effect of a modest evolution of A Tram Takes Flight, I’m afraid.

You see, I have made an effort to separate the private from the public, while still welcoming on the same platform both the willing victims of my public writing and those of my private mental meanderings.

In simpler terms, anyone can read the texts I produce on Daoism and life and so on, but for the account of my personal experiences, you will require a password. Those blog posts are now categorized as “private”. In order to obtain the password, send me a message through the Contact form (in the About menu at the top), so that I may see and keep a record of who has access to the private posts. The good thing is, once you have entered the password for one post, all the other private posts are at once unlocked, too, and will remain so. Such is the magic of cookies!

This way I can use A Tram as said platform to publish such excretions of spirit and inspiration as I wish to share with a broader audience. And still keep those of you Who Are Far Away up to speed about my more personal goings-on. If you like.

A third time, my apologies, though I feel confident that you will understand and applaud this amateur blogger’s attempt to maintain some semblance of privacy on the very public WWW.

Tally-ho, pip pip and een heel fijne dag gewenst!

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